Camp Wildwood Summer Staff Form

Dear Potential Staff Member

Thank you for taking the time to apply to Camp Wildwood. I trust that you will carefully read each question and prayerfully respond. Working at Camp Wildwood is a big commitment that requires a lot of your time and energy, it is time spent having fun, working hard and seeing lives changed for Him. If you really want the challenge of making a difference in a child`s life for eternity apply now.

In Him
Geoff Brace
Executive Director
Camp Wildwood

Staff who have worked at camp for 2 full summers would need to fill out the returning staff form.

Personal Info
Present address
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Home Phone
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Emergency Contact
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Are there any duties you would be unable to perform due to physical limitations?  If yes, please explain.

Church Info
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Pastor's Name
Church while at University  (if applicable)
Pastor's Name
Church Attendance
Briefly note any areas of service you are involved with at your church:

  Institution Province # of Years Graduate Y/N Degree/Major
High School
Employment History
Employer Address Phone Dates Position(s) Held
Please indicate those skills or activities you feel qualified to organize and teach.


Write in the blanks what positions you would like to apply for, putting your first preference in the first slot and so on.  Refer to the list of positions available below.

1.  2. 
3.  4. 
Head Cabin Leaders First Aid Provider Maintenance Co-ord
Cook Assistant Cook Aquatic Director
Program Co-ord Registrar/Office Kitchen
Cabin Leader/Instructor Lifeguard / Cabin Leader Canoe/Kayak
I am willing to serve 
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence for which you have never been pardoned? Explain.

Please indicate any other qualifications, certificates, licences or awards that you have in both the above areas and other camp related fields:

Please describe your experiences as a camper or staff member at this or any other camp

Detail any leadership training you have received - including any camp:

How can you contribute to the positive experience of our campers at Wildwood this summer?

Spiritual Life

How do you know you are a Christian?

Describe your relationship/commitment to Jesus and His people

How have you grown in that relationship in the past few months?

How has God gifted you; and in what areas of your life do you hope to grow this summer?

List 3 of your strengths

List 3 areas you pray to grow in

Please describe your reasons for applying to minister at Camp Wildwood this summer

Wildwood Prayer Team
We believe in the power of prayer and realize that it is an integral part of our ministry at camp, so this summer we are asking all staff members to find at least five people who would commit to pray daily for the staff and for Wildwood this summer. This allows us to experience the power of prayer first hand, as well as, getting others involved in the excitement of what God will do at camp this summer.

Please provide us with the names of three people that you know well and that they have agreed to act as your references. One reference should be a Christian worker (pastor, youth worker, etc.); one person should be a person outside of your church life as an employer, teacher, coach, etc; and one from anyone over the age of 21. Please do not use relatives.

Your references must fill out the Online Reference Form submitted to the camp before the deadline of Feb 20th, 2013.   

Name  Occupation  Phone 
Name  Occupation  Phone 
Name  Occupation  Phone 

Other Things You Need to Know (Please read and sign below)

  • Applications are due by Feb 20th. Not all applicants will be interviewed. Interviews will be held after Feb 20th, you will be contacted if you are to be interviewed. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE ON THIS DATE.

  • All staff are required to attend the staff training events and the Cabin Leader Training weekend (date to be announced) and to be at the camp on June 22 ready for the summer!

  • Upon acceptance for ministry at Wildwood, the staff member will be expected to be at camp for the entire summer.

  • The camp reserves the right to hire before the deadline should the situation or applicant warrant.

  • All accepted applicants are also required to find five (5) people who commit to pray daily for the staff member and the needs of the camp during the summer and submit these names to the camp.

  • All positions will require the staff member to have a valid Standard First Aid Certificate before coming to camp for the summer. (It is not necessary to have it before applying for a ministry position at Wildwood – this is for the protection of the campers/guests and yourself.).

By submitting this document I agree that I the applicant, have read the above items and agree with the information stated therein. I furthermore agree, if hired, to co-operate with the camp leadership, to participate promptly and enthusiastically in the camp program for the duration of the summer and to place the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the campers/guests in the highest priority.

By filling out this form online and pressing submit you are agreeing "by action" that everything you have submitted is true and to the best of your knowledge.